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For cardiovascular risk reduction the importance of good nutrition is essential, this concept was particularly emphasized by extensive scientific evidence. Cardiologists, nutritionists and the patients association gave a fundamental importance in educating the people with cardiovascular risk factors but also to follow a nutritional therapy.

"Recipes of the heart" has been created with the intent to explain to those who must pay special attention to nutrition, but also to all others, that you may enjoy the pleasures of the table and at the same time maintain your health. As a matter of fact the recipes have been conceived by the combination of different skills: cardiology, nutrition and gastronomy which blend, in order to have a good balance between health and taste.

Each of the recipes created and proposed by the Chef Francesco Marino of Fiuggi who proved to have great level of nutritional knowledge utilizing the Products of the province of Frosinone, carefully combined to give the greatest possible nutritional balance. The Typical Products, DOP, IGP, DOC and DOCG of the Ciociaria territory, which several case studies have proved the biological characteristics which help the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

It goes without saying that the recipes are not intended to be part of a menu that includes appetizer, main course, side dishes and desserts, because even the lightest various recipes are fairly demanding in terms of calories, so you need to be aware that in a balanced diet and with a caloric requirement of 2000 kcal, the choice of a couple of dishes will result in 700 to 1000 kcal, which represents the caloric needs of the whole day from 35% to 50%.

So everyone can afford an exception to the rule, everyone, also those suffering from cardiovascular diseases, can enjoy the pleasures of the table without getting hurt, as long as they keep in mind that if one meal exceeds 50% of your daily needs and with breakfast another 20 %, then you must be very careful in the other meals and snacks.

With this intent, enjoy your meal and good health!

Valerio Pecchioli MD
UOSD Cardiovascular Prevention ASL Frosinone

Andrea Ghiselli MD
National Institute of Nutrition and Food Research

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Soup of Einkorn Wheat from Paliano with fine herbs and Bronoise Vegetables

Soup of Einkorn Wheat


2oz. einkorn wheat, 1 sprig of sage and one of rosemary, 1 red garlic clove from Castelliri, 2 ripe tomatoes, 5.3oz potato clean, 1,40 oz. of celery, carrots 1,40 oz., 1,75 oz. leek, 1 shallot, 1,40 oz. extra virgin BIO olive oil, 4 curly parsley springs.

For bronoise; 1,40 oz. celery, zucchini 1,40 oz., 1,40 oz.carrot, leek 1,40 oz., all cut into small cubes and separately blanched in water, cooled in water and drained, add the diced tomatoes previously peeled and seeded.

Caramelized Tea Pear Tartlet

Caramelized Tea Pear Tartlet


4 pears, 1,8 oz. White sugar, 4 bunches of currants, 4 sprigs of mint.

For the tea cream: 8.82oz. skim milk, green tea 0,70 oz., 3 oz. eggs, 1,40 oz. sweetener Truvia Eridania, 0,70 oz. cornstarch.

For the caramel sauce, 3,5 oz. white sugar, 1,40 oz. water.


For the cream tea: boil the milk and tea together, leave it to infuse for 20 minutes. Strai, and pour the beaten eggs with sugar and cornstarch, cook for 5 minutes and let cool.

Mousse of Terelle Chestnuts, in a persimmon and Acacia honey stew, with Pomegranate snowflakes

Mousse of Terelle Chestnuts


14 oz.of peeled chestnuts, 14 oz., 0,70 oz. rum, 1,40 oz. sweetener Truvia Eridania sweetener, 1,40 oz. of cleaned pomegranate.

For the stew: 9,5 oz. of ripe persimmons, 2 oz. of acacia honey.

For the snowflakes: 2,5 oz. of egg white, 3,2 oz. Truvia Eridania sweetener, 4 drops of lemon juice.


Cook the peeled chestnuts with water, rum and sugar, mix and allow to cool.

For the persimmon stew: clean and sieve the ripe persimmons, add the honey and blend.

Pepper from Pontecorvo DOP filled with vegetables and fresh green tomato salad



4 cornetto peppers from Pontecorvo DOP the "pontecorvese", 6.35oz. boiled potatoes passed, 1 egg, 1,4 oz. of seasoned buffalo ricotta, 4 basil sprigs, 4 parsley sprigs, 1,75 oz. of zucchini, 1,75 oz. of carrots, 1,75 oz. of celery, 1,75 oz. of coral beans.

For the fresh tomato salad: 9 oz. of green tomatoes, 1 slice of red garlic of Castelliri ( Fr ), 1,35 oz. of extra virgin olive oil, 4 basil leaves.

Flat Bread of Ricotta Sheep Cheese and Black Truffle from Campoli Appennino

Flat Bread


3,50 oz. of ricotta cheese, 1,75 oz. Of black truffle, white pepper as needed, 2 sprigs of thyme, 1 red tomato, 0.18oz. of extra virgin BIO olive oil

For the flat bread; 7 oz. Of flour, 0,30 oz. of yeast, 0,5oz of extra virgin BIO olive oil, 0,70 oz. of boiled potatoes, 3.5oz. of skim milk and warm water

Fini Fini pasta of Arso wheat flour with spicy Escarole from Esperia, fillets of basil scented Tomato and cornetto Peppers from Pontecorvo

Fini Fini


10 oz. leaves of escarole from Esperia ( FR ), 1 red pepper, 7 oz. Fillets of riped tomato, 4 sprigs of basil, 1 clove of garlic from Castellir ( FR ), 7 oz. of cornetto peppers from Pontecorvo, 1.40 oz. ml of extra virgin BIO olive oil.

For the fini fini pasta, 7 oz. of arso wheat flour, 7 oz. ox remixed semolina, 2 egg yolks, water as needed.

Buffalo tenderloin fillet in a crust of Conciato San Vittore cheese with Artichokes from Priverno and Mint

Buffalo tenderloin fillet


24 oz. of buffalo fillet, 4 cleaned artichokes, 8 mint sprigs, 4 parsley springs, 1 red garlic clove of Castelliri, 2 oz. of extra virgin BIO olive oil, 2.8 oz of Passerina del Piglio white wine, 1 red tomato.

FOR THE CRUST OF CONCIATO CHEESE: 2,8 oz. boiled potatoes, 2,2 oz. of grated Conciato cheese, 2 egg yolks, 0,10 oz. of white pepper


Method: mix all ingredients and form 4 medallions

Loin of Baby Lamb with crushed black pepper & Cesanese del Piglio red wine sauce, on a bed of pureéd carrots & a nest of pan fried petite broccoli

Carrè di Abbacchio


28 oz. Baby lamb loin, 0,15 oz. black pepper, 1.40 oz. pine nuts.

FOR THE CESANESE RED WINE SAUCE: 7 oz. Cesanese wine, 0,50 oz. cornstarch. Mix and boil for 5 minutes.

FOR THE PUREED CARROTS: 12,50 oz. of cleaned carrots, 0,35 oz. flour, 1 glass of water, 4 spring of thyme.

Pumpkin Flower bells with Potatoes, Sheep Ricotta Cheese with Tomatoes, Basil and Truffle from Campoli Appennino

Pumpkin Flower bells


FOR THE PUMPKIN FLOWER BELLS: 12 zucchini flowers, 8oz. of boiled mashed potatoes, 3 oz. fresh sheep's ricotta, 1 egg, 0.07 oz. ground white pepper, 1 slice of garlic, 2 mint leaves, 0,50 oz. extra virgin olive oil.

12,50 oz. spring of basil, extra virgin olive oil 2 oz., 2 oz. truffle.