CIOCIARIA CUORE 2015 "Eat Heartily, Feed in prevention"

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Medicine, Society and Institutions must operate in an integrated manner to promote the culture of cardiovascular prevention to ensure an adequate quality of life at all ages. And 'the X edition of Ciociaria Heart’ - as in previous editions - is proposed, in different sessions, to update physicians on the epidemiological, clinical and new preventive strategies for cardiovascular disease orienting them to broaden their cultural multidisciplinary baggage for definition of the global cardiovascular risk.

These days it is said in Expo the millennial relationship between man and food and ‘Ciociaria Heart 2015’wants, through the great universal event, to promote the history, culture, science of a healthy and correct diet, as well as physical activity, to get efficacy for the prevention and fighting chronic diseases.

Ciociaria Heart has always aimed to be innovative in updating and this latest edition will unite two moments in different sessions, one on developments in clinical research and diagnostics for the management and prevention of cardiovascular disease, the other directly from 'EXPO, on healthy eating with typical products of Ciociaria that in different studies have shown cardiovascular and onco-protective property. A healthy diet does not necessarily mean unappetizing. Healthy eating and drinking healthy are important and essential to promote adherence to lifestyle changes only objective of the entire project.

In a special session will, therefore, presented the individual characteristics of food and food products Ciociara and the basic rules of good use in the kitchen that can help people to prevent cardiovascular diseases through the "Recipes of the Heart" by nutritionists and proposals chef of the province of Frosinone. Also this year, therefore, the province of Frosinone opens his big heart, thanks to EXPO, to physicians and researchers working in cardiology, offering its hospitality to those who want to get rich new knowledge and share their experiences national and international level.

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